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Welcome To the NVSHL Blue Knights!

The Blue Knights are comprised of H-B, Williamsburg, and Private School players. 

Head Coach: Kevin Scott

Assistant Coaches: Tom Eldert, Brian Peretti, Randy Binner, Chris Tierney, Dave Schryver, and David McGraw.

This team will be rostered together for purposes of competing in the NVSHL league games and for pre-season practices. 

Pre-season practice will begin on Friday, September 7th @ at the Cabin John Ice Rink. The full practice schedule for September and October is located on the team calendar. 

In late October, the 10 game NVSHL league schedule will be available.  These games will be mostly scheduled on Friday nights from November through early March. We will set rosters for all league games at that time. More details to come as we get closer to this date. 

All players will be scheduled for Exhibition games.  These games will start in late September and continue throughout the season. We will schedule these games individually on game specific team rosters. Invites will be made at least 7 days in advance of the games. 

We look forward to having a great season.

Please feel free to ask any questions.

Coach McGraw (

Recent Blue News

2019 Summer Skills Clinics

By David McGraw 05/06/2019, 10:15am EDT

The Arlington Knights will hold skill development clinics this summer on Tuesday evenings @ 7:30pm at the Reston ice rink. The on-ice sessions will be a combination of professional skills & skating instruction followed by drills, x-ice, or full ice games – very similar to the training camp/practice sessions we ran at the beginning of the 2018-19 season. Goalies will receive training as well.

The cost for participation is $225.

The clinics will be held on:

June 18

June 25

July 9

July 16

July 23

July 30

August 6

The $225 Fee covers ALL 7 sessions. We understand summer schedules get crazy and you might not be able to make all the sessions. If you register, please do your best to make as many as you can. 

Please register here

2018-19 Season Recap

By David McGraw 03/17/2019, 12:30pm EDT

By the numbers.

  • 2018-19 Season Recap (by the numbers)

  • 58 Players
  • -23 6th Graders
  • -16 7th Graders
  • -19 8th Graders
  • 55 Games
  • -20 NVSHL Games
  • -21 Exhibition Games
  • -12 Tournament Games 
  • -2 Capital One Arena Games
  • -10 Professionally Coached Practices
  • The average Knights player was invited to play in 18 games, played in 12 games and attended 6 practices
  • 14 Volunteers
    • -13 Coaches
    • -1 Manager


It’s hard to meet the exceptions of 56 players and parents.  We occasionally fail, but we get back up and try again. Success comes from failing. If the kids make new friends, have fun, and develop a life-long love of the game, then we have been successful. 

We did our best to help your kids grow this season. We are proud of what we have accomplished. We hope your player has gotten what they wanted out of this program and experience.

We wish our 8th Graders continued success playing High School Hockey. For the 6th & 7th graders, we looking forward to you returning to play for the Knights next season. 


Thank you, Bill Foster, for your incredible dedication to making this season a success. We could not have done this with you.

Departing Coaches Kevin Scott and Bill Wiggins. It has been a pleasure to work with you guys the last couple of years. Your time, dedication, compassion, and care are truly exemplary. No better Knights than you guys. I'm gonna miss you both. Thank you!

Coaches Brian, Chris, Dave, Dilip, Elizabeth, Harry, Randy, Rob, Talbot, and Tom.  The fun continues. You guys are great leaders for the boys. 

Parents. Thank you for your trust and faith in our abilities to support your kids.  They were a lot of fun to be around.  Thank you!